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  • We are passionate about exploring
    the endless potential of food and people, united.

Bite Size Kitchen is a belly-driven community where all lovers of food–
from highly trained chefs to toast burners and aspiring caterers,
are encouraged to gather, learn, share and grow, together.

Connie Sun, owner of Bite Size Kitchen, developed an insatiable curiosity for food at a tender age while helping her Grandmother, who hails from Shanghai, cook dumplings. As an adult, when life got hectic, Connie always found a sense of comfort and peace experimenting in the kitchen. Cooking was her true passion, but she was entrenched in a career completely unrelated to food.

After a decade of working as an interior designer, Connie began exploring the possibility of a culinary career by hosting elaborate dinners and teaching friends how to cook dumplings. When Connie was asked

to start teaching classes at Brooklyn Kitchen she jumped on the opportunity. The pleasure of sharing food through cooking and teaching was so infinitely gratifying that she took the (terrifying) leap and officially committed to working full-time in the food industry in 2009. As a line chef at the Citigroup executive dining room kitchen, AKA the culinary school of hard knocks, Connie gained the hands-on experience and chops she needed to embark on her dream of launching Bite Size Kitchen.

Over the years, Connie has crafted her own unique culinary style by pairing the traditional cooking skills she gleaned from her Grandmother with ideas inspired by flavors and foods from around the globe. She loves to reinvent the recipes she learned as a child, transforming Chinese classics like spring rolls into sweet, delectable banana-ricotta filled treats. Connie specializes in dishes that are comforting, yet bold, unexpected and, foremost, delicious.

We believe that great food is an equalizer and everyone can find a commonality in a homemade meal. After all, a moan heard after a bite sounds the same in any language.

From weddings and corporate events to intimate, in-home cooking classes at Bite Size Kitchen we are passionate about exploring the endless potential of food and people, united.