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  • It's time to rethink the buffet.

Event food, when done well, not only satiates hungry tummies;
it inspires conversations among strangers, spreads smiles across faces and
awakens the energy of an entire room. Giggly, fork-in-hand
happy dances ensue. Now, that’s the sign of entertaining success!

Bite Size Kitchen specializes in serving fresh, home-style cooked meals featuring mouth-watering flavors and exotic ingredients inspired by a variety of cuisines. Our amazing staff consists of dedicated professionals

committed to bringing an uncompromising level of quality, service and hospitality to every event. We have the culinary know-how and capacity to create unforgettable events of all types and sizes. In addition to catering,

you can count on Bite Size Kitchen to seamlessly coordinate the many moving parts needed to throw a successful event, including: photography, lighting, graphic design, music, flowers and décor.

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Let's face it–event food has a bum rap. And, for good reason. We've all been there. Forced to walk the line of blah, room temperature vats of overcooked meats, underloved sides and–gasp–frozen desserts. Oh, the inhumanity!

The rest of the evening is spent checking the clock, listening to your stomach growl, thinking resentful thoughts and praying that a pizza joint will still be serving when you sneak out. Your guests deserve better, don’t they?

Private Events

Prepare to witness the infinite bliss that is attainable when people and glorious food come together as one.

Whether you're planning a sophisticated wedding reception or an “eating pants encouraged” backyard cookout, we'll help you deliver an experience...

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Dinner Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Cookouts

…that treats their tastebuds and shapes memories your guests will want to revisit, not repress. They’ll be partying with their mouths full.


Corporate Events

Nothing motivates employees quite like the lure of food. And, if the smell of a pizza in the break room is enough to send them sprinting from their cubicles, they’re in for a real treat when we cater your event!

Whether you’re planning a brainstorming lunch for executives, a weekend team-building retreat or the ultimate holiday soiree to impress clients, we’ll help you create an event to remember.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Company Picnics
  • Cocktail parties
  • Cooking classes